About us

Masamune Ramen & Bar is a specialty ramen restaurant with a manner that stands out. While most Japanese restaurants in Vietnam are of locals, Masamune Ramen & Bar is a well-known franchise originated from Sendai, Japan. We promise to bring nothing but the authentic, true taste from the land of Sakura to Vietnamese customers.  




It’s not about the number of dishes on our menu, our focus is entirely on ramen noodles. We aim to create a genuine Japanese cultural experience for our local customers not only through the fineness of food, but also the quality of our service and space.


 Vision and Mission



We hope to become the leading ramen restaurant in Vietnam that delivers authentic Japanese cuisine and cultural experience for Vietnamese people to enjoy in their home country. 



We seek to build strong relationships with our customers, to meet and serve them through Japanese cuisine and culture. 


We set to achieve our goals step by step and promise to enrich lives both economically and emotionally. 

We work for sustainable development and give back to local community through paying taxes and cultivating a healthy working environment. 


  The story of Masamune Ramen & Bar

  • Masamune ramen restaurant started in Sendai, Japan and was named after Sendai’s general – Sir Date Masamune.

    By naming the restaurant after a respected general, the owner believes in his ramen’s uniqueness and strength that can win over any guests just like Masamune on the battlefield. Menya Masamune ramen has participated in and won many awards from food contests both at home and abroad, especially the victory in the ramen contest held at New York last April. Masamune Ramen & Bar has expanded to Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam.



Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
11:00 - 24:00

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About us

Masamune Ramen & Bar is restaurant specializing in Ramen with extremely special style.
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